Is It Cheaper To Get A Custom Door Or A New Frame?

29 November, 2021

They say: “Your home is your castle, and you can do what you please within it.” The quote may have originated in the 17th Century by the British lawyer and politician Sir Edward Coke, but it still resonates with many today.

Across Australia, at any one time, homeowners are considering improvements to enhance the aesthetics of their property. Among them are updating and replacing doors.

Does your door say something about you to your visitors? You can’t have a door without a door frame and visa-versa. So when it comes to a new custom door and a new door frame - what’s cheaper?

Custom door – custom made 

When ordering custom sized doors – you’re often not getting what you paid for.

For example, you can take a door that’s normally around $250 in a standard size, request a custom size and end up with a quote of $700+.

In this scenario, even though you’re paying a lot of money for a door; you’re still buying the quality of a $250 door.

These doors will often only have a warranty of 1-2 years.

You could, alternatively, go to a joiner and request a custom-made door from scratch using better quality wood. However, this can run you into the thousands just for the door itself.

There are some situations where a custom sized door is more appropriate.

However most of the time it makes more sense financial, both immediately and long-term, to look at reframing your opening to accommodate a standard sized door.

Exterior door frame – bespoke or standard 

Door frames can come as standard or bespoke. 

Nearly all exterior door frames are rectangular in size and made of wood material for strength.

A door frame consists of many parts. Consider it like the skeleton of your body – holding everything together. It needs to be strong, safe, and secure and includes different elements - a head and two legs - so even named after parts of the body. 
The head is, as you would expect, at the top of a door frame. The upright, vertical components on either side are called legs or jambs. One side will have hinges attached, while the other will have the door lock fitment.

The stop is a thin piece of wood fixed inside the leg/jamb in the lower edge and does what it says ‘stops’ the door.
On an external door, you’ll find the door frame sill or threshold. 

There’s a saying to “carry your new wife over the threshold” – so it just serves to remind you of the importance of a frame. A door frame is simpler to construct than a custom door, so will be cheaper in price. 

Whether you want a custom door or a door frame, speak to the experts at Door Stop. If you can think of it, we can create it, so if it’s a custom door you want, we can make your dream a reality. 

We aren’t like other door manufacturers in Perth. We sell doors that have a unique build quality – all backed with a 7-year guarantee. 

Read our reviews, and you’ll see why we are the first choice for doors in Perth. We offer a fast, quick and efficient installation process. Buy with confidence whatever door or frame you choose. 

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