Pre-Hung Door Vs Slab

28 April, 2022

If you’re shopping for doors, you’ll notice there are two different types available – pre-hung and slab doors. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, but to help you get a handle, no pun intended, on each one, we've come up with pros and cons for each. 

Pros of pre-hung doors

A pre-hung door has hinges and is already attached to a door frame, so it has three sides, all the hardware, mortices and a door knob cut out. It comes as a complete unit, so it’s a no-fuss solution.

If you are moving into a new build or remodelling your home, then a pre-hung door is the perfect choice for you. Because they arrive already assembled, installation is easy.  

They are perfect as an exterior door because they are tightfitting protecting the interior of your home from the outside elements. 

Cons of pre-hung doors

Pre-hung doors are big and bulky and difficult to manage without the help of an experienced craftsman or door fitter. Lifting and mounting them single-handed is almost impossible. They are also more expensive because you have the frame, door and hardware so there’s more to them.

If you're not ready to fit your pre-hung door, it will have to be stored somewhere where it won't get warped or damaged by heat or moisture.  

Pros of slab doors

Slab doors are called just that for a reason - they are just slabs of wood or single doors and are simple and easy to fit. Slab doors are a blank slate, so you can customise knobs, hinges and latches to offer greater flexibility. They come in a variety of materials, not just wood.

Pricewise, a slab door is the budget option out of the two, usually costing a third of the price of a pre-hung one. It’s a great choice if you’re in an established home that already has a prepared door frame with a casing and a trim. You can shape a slab door to match the size of your existing frame. 

Cons of slab doors

When you buy a slab door, the onus to attach it to a door frame is on you. It might sound simple enough, but there's a certain amount of skill and patience needed when you fit a slab door - ideal if you love DIY, not so good if you are a novice.

The height, thickness, and width of a slab door needs to match your established frame. Slab doors may end up leaving unexpected gaps between the frame and the door, so it will be harder to secure a tight seal.  

Both pre-hung and slab doors have their good and bad points. If you are thinking about changing your doors and need further advice - look no further than Door Stop. We supply internal and external doors, slab and pre-hung doors, bi-folds, French doors and quality entrance doors. 

We service the entire Perth metro area and are committed to providing a professional and reliable service on all our jobs. Why not visit one of our showrooms and discuss your requirements with a team member?

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