What Is A Rebated Door?

16 Jul 2019

Rebated doors are a popular choice in Australia because they offer a snug fit and keep out sound from adjoining rooms. A pair of rebated doors look distinctive and can be a great centre piece to any room.

They get their name because one is rebated, a groove is cut or channelled out of one door at the end, so it closes tightly onto another door with an overlapping lip.

They interlock with one another neatly, the alternative to rebated doors is where two leaves come together squarely like a sliding door.

Where would you use a pair of rebated doors?

A pair of rebated doors can be fitted anywhere, externally or internally. One of the doors is usually bolted in place, so the remaining one can be used as a passage door, to go in and out. This passage door will house the handle and knob.

Rebated doors can be solid constructed or glazed, but they always provide a neat and solid fit when closed. An internal pair, of rebated, clear-glass doors, will allow plenty of light to flood naturally into rooms.

What are the benefits?

Renowned as being highly durable, a rebated pair of doors will add a touch of elegance to any home. They flush together, meeting perfectly, offering a seamless connection. They’re affordable, and cheaper than sliding doors because they don’t operate on a rail mechanism.

They lock together so there’s no risk of them warping over time and are highly effective at blocking out noise. This is because they have hinges and seals which offer better soundproofing. Hinges are generally longer lasting and wear better than rollers which are used as the mechanism for sliding doors.

Rebated doors can come in many different types of materials, such as wood, composite uPVC, Aluminium or steel. Steel doors are generally fitted in commercial settings, such as plant or boiler rooms.

The channel which is cut out of the door is usually around 12mm, but you can cut a wider channel if you select a thicker door such as a robust entrance door.

They can keep out the cold, rain and wind, so helping to retain the warmth internally, therefore reducing energy bills.

Great security

Rebated doors have a reputation for being one of the most secure around, because one is bolted into place. You can still use traditional hardware and locks, and for extra security you can have multi locking mechanisms.

You’ll find that they generally open outwards rather than inwards which is another bonus. Their intuitive design means they are easy to fit and install.

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