What Types Of Door Frames Are There?

11 Jun 2020

Doors open and close every day but as you reach for the handle do you ever think about the frame surrounding each one?

We sometimes underestimate the importance of door frames. Ignored and overlooked, they play a vital role in the structure of the door and holding it in place to provide that much-needed support. A door needs a frame so it can function.

We’ve been exploring the different types of frames which exist on the market today.

Open door frame

This is the most common door frame, which is simple in design and constructed with a head supported by two vertical stiles but no sill at the bottom. These open-door frames, manufactured for the interior of a house, are without a sill because it would restrict access and pose a trip hazard.

With internal doors any gaps between the frame and the wall are covered with architrave. This is a purely decorative feature and exists to hide the gap where the door joins the wall. You can buy architrave to match skirting boards and dado rails.

Closed door frame

Exterior doors have closed frames which come with a sill or threshold as well as a head and the two stiles. The door naturally sits on the horizontal sill or threshold at the bottom which gives the door a complete seal to prevent the elements from entering. The sill is often slanted so water can easily drain away.

Most external doors are recessed into a wall because of the thickness of exterior walls.

Frames with glazing panels

For added décor you may want a frame which includes glazing panels either side or at the top. These glazing panels throw extra light into a space or room.

A glazed panel above a door is known as a fanlight and the horizontal frame which joins the door to this fanlight is known as a transom bar.

Pocket door frames

If the door is recessed into a wall, then it it’s known as a pocket door and will need a pocket door frame. Pocket doors slide into a frame located within the wall, rather than open out on hinges. The door moves via rollers on a track overhead or on the floor.

For this type of door, you’ll need interior space in the wall to house the door frame. A pocket door can’t be installed within a load bearing wall for obvious reasons because the frame might weaken the strength of the wall.

The pocket door is ideal if you have limited space as they don’t open out and are commonly found in bathrooms, closets, home offices and utility rooms.

They are similar to sliding doors, except with sliding doors they’re still visible after opening.

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