When Should Your Doors Be Replaced?

11 June, 2020

It’s not always an open and shut case, excuse the pun, to know when a door might need replacing. If a door is obviously rotting or is severely warped, then it’s a sign it should be changed.

Here’s some guidance to help you decide whether your door should stay or go.

Your Door Doesn’t Open Easily

What use is a door if you can’t open it easily? Over time a door may become less flexible and get easily stuck which can be hugely irritating. If it’s difficult to budge and you’re having to exert extra pressure on it, you could damage the hinges.

A door which has restricted movement is one which needs to be replaced.

No Longer Blends In With The Décor

Doors dictate the look and the feel of any home. Trends change and what you installed ten years ago may now look outdated. Dark wooden doors are no longer in vogue and front doors with side panelling are a nod back to the eighties.

A modern front door will increase a home’s so-called curb appeal and make the envy of your neighbours.

A door which is fit for purpose is one which keeps out both draught and noise. If you can hear your children in other rooms or the traffic out on the road, the likelihood is that the door has become misshapen.

If you see light coming through your doors or bugs frequently getting in, then there are gaps and air is escaping. The tiniest of gaps can let heat or cold air through and may impact your energy bills. Check that the frame hasn’t become loose and try to adjust the door and install some weather stripping. If the problem can’t be resolved, it’s time to replace the door.

Door Damage

Every now and again a door will be accidentally damaged – whether that’s a flying toy or someone’s knocked into it.

A door which is obviously damaged is not a safe one. Both wood and metal doors can expand and contract with temperature changes.

Front doors can weaken through moisture by the rain and a rotting door which is soft or brittle to touch, will eventually become discoloured and peel.A wooden door is made from organic material and mould and mildew can easily spread.

You should always feel safe in your own home, so if it’s no longer doing the job it’s supposed to it’s time for the door to go. Whether it’s a front door, internal door or patio door, wear and tear can takes its toll. Draughty rooms are uninviting and shabby doors are unappealing.

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