Why Are French Doors Called French Doors?

3 May, 2019

French doors have for centuries been a popular choice for bringing light and outside views to the indoors. But have you ever stopped to wonder what is a French door and why should your Aussie house have one?

The History Of French Doors

French doors are technically windows.

Back in Renaissance times, French architects were influenced by Italian fashion to consider classical proportions and symmetry.

Soon, France’s ornate and detailed Gothic styles were replaced by more classical designs and French windows were developed as part of this trend.

By creating full-height windows made of embedded glass in a metal and wood frame, plenty of natural light would be allowed in. These windows created a feeling of balance and elegance that is still highly prized by homeowners today.

Designed In Pairs

Designed to open outwards, these windows work as doors particularly when hung in pairs, make a large opening allowing free traffic flow to and from outside.

Particular to the French style, is the series of panes separated by muntins or glazing bars.

These are a nod back to when large panes of glass were hard to come by, and by setting smaller panes into a wooden or metal frame, French doors usually allow in as much light as a single glass door.

Aesthetically, French doors are considered stylish and sophisticated. They look stunning and are ideal for making a dramatic entrance.

They can be found in many grand houses and historic buildings in Europe and America as well as colonial properties throughout Australasia.

They’re usually at the back of a property, where garden views can be maximised without compromising privacy.

Great Addition To Contemporary Homes

Contemporary homes can also be improved by the installation of French doors.

Both externally and internally, the large amount of glass means that the joinery does not intrude or overwhelm modern furnishings and decorations, and their simple lines can complement modern furniture as well as antiques.

Because the doors open outward, they work beautifully with a modern deck or balcony, as a gateway flowing into a barbecue or pool area and tying your outdoor focal points to the rest of the house.

Elegant Doors With Different Finishes

Today, the French door style can make the most of modern materials such as aluminium or UPVC for a lighter and more cost-effective solution to illuminate a dark interior.

Sometimes the look of a French door can be mimicked by inserting muntins into a single pane of glass to break it up visually without adding weight or bulk and ensuring a sleek finish.

Issues with French doors can include draughts, which occur where there are gaps where the doors meet, or between the door and the threshold.

Professional fitting will ensure a perfect seal and can include opening restrictors to prevent doors being blown open by the wind.

Security for French doors can also be vastly improved by the installation of multi point locks with anti-bump cylinders.

Here at Door Stop, we can offer advice on the best types of French doors for your requirements.

We have doors available in a variety of sizes, materials and designs and each one comes with a 7-year warranty. Come and speak to the experts and investigate our range at our two showrooms in Joondalup and Osborne Park.

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