Why Do Doors Have Panels?

5 February, 2020

Visit any home and you’re usually bound to see a panel door. They’ve always been a popular choice because the panels make them one of the strongest on the market. These doors can be easily incorporated into an older or more contemporary property and fitted internally or externally to offer a smart, elegant look.

Just as it sounds, a panel door is crafted out of panels, with each one fitting together to create a finished door. It’s produced in a way to prevent movement, so the quality of the door is maintained.

The History Of The Panel Door

Panel doors have been around since the 18th century and are also known as rail and stile doors. They’re just as popular today as they were two hundred years ago and are made from components - rail, stiles and infill panels – which together create a very solid, hardwearing door.

Panel doors are more commonly made of wood, but can also be found in steel, aluminium or composite. The most popular design is either a four-panel or six-panel door which looks good in almost any setting. If you want sunlight to flow through your home, you can opt for a glazed version.

How Is A Panel Door Made?

Panel doors use a basic joinery method with the panels recessed or raised into a door which can be either solid or composite. They are surrounded by simple or more intricate stiles, rails and mullions.

Wood tends to move because of its natural form, expanding and contracting depending on humidity, but a panel door is constructed in a way to resist this movement.

The outer stiles, which are vertical frames, are responsible for the hardening of the wing and prevent the doors from buckling, keeping the door straight so it functions well. The centre stiles divide the space to accommodate the panels.

The rails are horizontal lengths, which as well as keeping the outer stiles parallel, also frame the panels. Every panel door has a top, middle and bottom rail to help with its rigidity. The mullion forms the divisions between the different panels of the door and runs vertical. The elements of the door are bonded together using an industrial strength adhesive.

Benefits Of Panel Doors

Panel doors have exceptional insulation and soundproofing qualities. Incredibly durable, needing minimal maintenance they are guaranteed to withstand years of use and are perfect for high traffic areas.

It’s virtually impossible to punch a hole through a panel door because they’re so strong which means they offer great security.

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