Door Weight Versus Hinge Size

July 30, 2020
Small things can make a big difference – take a door hinge. It may be a tiny piece of hardware but without the device you wouldn’t be able to open a door.

Cheap Doors Vs Expensive Doors

July 30, 2020
Anyone thinking of buying new door will probably be amazed at the number of options on the market. There are so many doors available, both cheap and expensive, the decision on what to buy can be harder than you imagine.

When Should Your Doors Be Replaced?

June 11, 2020
It’s not always an open and shut case, excuse the pun, to know when a door might need replacing. If a door is obviously rotting or is severely warped, then it’s a sign it should be changed. Here’s some guidance to help you decide whether your door should stay or go.

Why Do We Get Static Electricity From A Door Knob?

March 31, 2020
Ever had an electric shock when touching a door knob and wondered why? The phenomenon of static electricity has been observed for thousands of years but only recently has it become fully understood.

Can You Get Flu From A Doorknob?

March 31, 2020
​Wintertime brings cooler weather when we become more susceptible to much-dreaded colds and the flu. Everyone is sniffling, coughing with noses dripping, and it’s this time of year when you need to watch out and protect yourself from picking up a virus.
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