How Do Doors Open By Themselves?

February 25, 2020
It’s always unsettling when a door opens by itself. That’s why so many supernatural movies include a creaky door swinging open without any apparent reason. It’s like movie shorthand for something being wrong inside a house.

Why Do Doors Have Panels?

February 5, 2020
Just as it sounds, a panel door is crafted out of panels, with each one fitting together to create a finished door. It’s produced in a way to prevent movement, so the quality of the door is maintained.

What Type Of Door Do I Have?

December 17, 2019
Most homes will have a variety of different style doors and it can be challenging to know what type is installed. To help guide you, we’ve been looking at the more popular ones in Australian homes.

What Doors Are Best For Wheelchair Access?

December 17, 2019
One in five people in Australia have a disability, that’s around four million people, with 84% having a disability which limits their mobility. As our elderly population increases along with the number of people with disabilities, how’s best to open doors to wheelchair users?

What Are The Best Patio Doors For Cold Weather?

December 5, 2019
​Big, bold patio doors look fantastic and come into their own on summer days. But don’t forget you’ll have to live with your door choices all year round, come rain or shine.
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